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Polished Plaster
We offer and specialise in a vast range of deluxe Venetian designs. From smooth to textured. high gloss to a matte finish, hence attaining an ingenious Venetian look.
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Medium-Grain decorative coating for achieving concrete effects
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High-Grain decorative finish with a smooth stone effect, obatained from selected marble powders and genuine slaked lime.
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A luxurious concrete look
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Coarse Carrara
Coarse Carrara
This satin polished finish has the visual and characteristics needed in a high end design. The finish maintains a very smooth pitted texture, the movement between colour values is gradual and reflects light in very complex ways.
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Brand ambassador for Stucco Italiano and Whitsons Ltd
A wide range of authentic designs
Each and every application is unique

We are very pleased that you came highly recommended! If you're looking for bespoke wall designs in and around the London area then get in contact with Sam at PPW - you won't be disappointed! 

Central London

It has always been a pleasure to work with Sam and his team at Polished Plaster Wimbledon, not only do they design the most stunning finishes, they are totally committed, and offer professional advice, no matter how big or small the project, the team work tirelessly to create that perfect finish for their client.


Polished Plaster Wimbledon were amazing, their quality and attention to detail is beyond what we expected, providing samples before any works started we got a feel what we was getting beforehand.

Mr & Mrs Cooper, Central London

I would highly recommend Polished Plaster Wimbledon, very friendly staff and hard-working.

Miss Bass, Surbiton

We are so delighted with our new look throughout our property, all projects were completed on time, and to a very high standard, the detail in their work is outstanding which is a sign of a true artisan

Mrs Jones, Kensington
Polished Plaster Wimbledon
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Specialists in High-End Venetian Polished Plaster Finishes | Polished Plaster Wimbledon offer a wide variety of stunning smooth and textured, gloss and matte finishes

Over the years we have built up a very good reputation with our clients with the professional and dedicated services that we provide, always creating high-quality bespoke surface designs. At “PPW” we believe a satisfied customer is the key to success, customer contentment is what we strive on to maintain that prosperity.

Polished Plaster Wimbledon Ltd is an exclusive company, providing our clients with an exceptional range of polished plaster designs such as Marmorino, Microcement, Tadelakt, Metallics, Grassello and Concrete.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Can Venetian plaster be repaired?
Certain finishes can be repaired. Contact us today and one of our expert plasterers can assess your needs
Is Venetian plaster expensive?
Yes it can be just depends on the desired finish and products being used. Call us today for a quote.
Is Venetian Plaster hard to do?
Yes, it certainly isn't for someone who has no knowledge at all, as you need an understanding of the products being used. Call Polished Plaster Wimbledon today for help from the experts.
Can Venetian Plaster be used in a shower?
Yes certain products can be used such as Tadelakt. This is a Moroccan plaster that creates a waterproof finish.
Can Venetian Plaster be used in a bathroom?
Most finishes can be used in a bathroom as long as not in direct contact with water. Certain products like Tadelakt can be used to create a waterproof finish.
Why does Venetian Plaster crack?
Due to bad preparation of substrate or substrate has failed or the way it was applied. For expert advise contact us today.
How to apply Polished Plaster?
The best way to apply polished plaster is with a stainless steel Venetian Trowel or a spatula.
What does Polished Plaster look like?
This depends on the materials being used it can be very shiny, have a matte look to it, or it can be pitted.
Is polished Plaster waterproof?
Yes certain products can be used such as Tadelakt are waterproof.
Is Polished Plaster expensive?
Yes Polished Plaster can be expensive but this also depends on the style and product being used. Call Polished Plaster Wimbledon for specific pricing.