These Terms and Conditions have been set out for those browsing our Website and for those who choose to use our service, if for some reason you dont agree with these Terms and Conditions please do not use this website or our Service. We also may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and you are advised to check them regularly for any changes which We make.

Before Works Start

  1. A site visit will be in order to discuss the works that are to be carried out this will include Products, Designs and Colours and the SQM of all areas.
  2. A price shall be submitted for what works were discussed when we met on site and if agreed samples shall be made and provided to you to the specification we discussed.
  3. Once the samples have been submitted and agreed by you a start and completion date will be provided to the client, by you accepting the samples you agree to the Colour, Design and Products being used. 

Payments and Deposit

  1. A 20% Deposit shall be Invoiced to you and must be paid and cleared before any works will commence.
  2. Deposit amount may vary depending on the scale of works required and this is at my discretion.
  3. The remaining 80% will be Invoiced after my involvement in the project is complete.
  4. If the project takes longer than 2 weeks, I ask for an interim payment based on the work completed, this will reduce the final 80% payment that is due.
  5. If you dont pay the Deposit for the agreed work i can withhold the service until the Deposit is received and this will also effect the start and completion date agreed between us.
  6. The Deposit is non-refundable unless we fail to provide the service that is set out.
  7. Final Invoice to be paid within 14 days dated on the Invoice unless otherwise agreed between us, failure to pay the amount owed when agreed will incur a 4% daily charge for late payment and will be added to the Invoice that is owed.

Additional work and Damages

  1. If you choose to have any additional work done this will be charged accordingly and agreed between me and you and a signed copy by you stating that you agree for us to proceed.
  2. Any additional work that is need will take effect on the completion date set out between us.
  3. Damages to any completed work will not be our responsibility and will incur additional charges to rectify the areas, the cost to rectify the areas will be agreed between me and you and a signed copy stating that you agree for us to proceed.